Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Designer Spotlight

This week I was tasked to do some research on Interior Designers.  I was to pick one that inspired me and post a little about the designer with some pictures.  I have chosen Clodagh as the Interior Designer who inspires me this week.  Clodagh was born in Ireland and has traveled extensively.  She has a vast amount of design experience from cosmetic packaging to grand hotels, and everything in between.  Clodagh has been a designer for 26 years.  She is married to Daniel Aubry, a photographer, who takes the photos for her books.  This week I read her book "Your Home, Your Sanctuary."  My favorite quote from the book is "Your home should take care of you, calm you, and leave you refreshed."  I think that sums up Clodagh's style very well.  She believes in Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese art of placement where homes are seen as direct extensions of the people who live in them.  There is supposed to be a balance between the five elements of earth, fire, water, wood, and metal in each room in your home.  Her designs show clean, organic spaces.  Everything has a place, there is no clutter.  Her designs are very peaceful.  I think we could all use a bit more peace in our lives.
This is one of Clodagh's great room designs.  The coffee table is reclaimed wood.  Clodagh uses environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.  It has a slate tile floor, which brings in an organic feel from the earth.  The wall covering adds more texture and interest with a great simple line. 
 This is a kitchen that Clodagh designed.  It is very functional and has easy accessibility to items.  Clodagh believes in making your kitchen work for you.  If you do not cook much, there is no reason to have a fabulous gourmet kitchen.  No matter what you use your kitchen for it should reflect who you are. 
When I was doing my research I came across this bedroom that was designed by  I thought that this bedroom was done with the same ideas that Clodagh uses in her designs.  I love the simple lines, different textures, and how everything has a place.
So let's start to simplify our lives and our homes.  Clodagh says, "contemplate, cleanse, clarify, and create."  I'm sure we could all use some of that!  Until next week...


  1. Beautiful. I love her minimalist style. Very calming and serene.

  2. I really love the quote "contemplate, cleanse, clarify and create." This is not only something we could use in design but other aspects in life as well.

  3. These rooms are very clean in design. Personally prefer some color to help pop the design. They are a little too calming.