Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magazines that Inspire

This week I am going to share three magazines that inspire me.  These magazines help me come up with new ideas and also unique ways of using everyday items in new ways.  A couple of them are more for the do-it-yourselfer (which I am), and the other one is a leading design magazine.  They all have good qualities and show interesting new things on the market.  A new weekend project is never further away than the next month's issue.
The first magazine is one my mom introduced me to.  I love this magazine.  It is called My Home My Style.  This magazine is filled with do-it-yourself projects and decorating ideas.  They usually have a fun way of using everyday items to store things.  They also have money saving ideas for home decor.
One that my husband has a subscription to is called Family Handyman.  This magazine is wonderful for a new weekend project for the do-it-yourselfer in all of us.  Every issue has a project that can be completed in a weekend.  I have seen unique storage ideas to traditional bookcases and everything in between.  Complete directions accompany each project so the project moves along smoothly.  This magazine has been a big help in our home.  They even offer money saving ideas for water and electricity.
Dwell magazine is one I found doing research for this blog.  I haven't had much experience with it yet.  It looks like it is packed with new ideas and even has an events calendar which is really cool.  It has new products and pictures to inspire you to create.  People is another section in the magazine which keeps you informed of the designers that are keeping the industry interesting.
Thanks for following my blogs throughout the quarter.  Hope you enjoyed sharing my inspiration.  I hope some of these things sparked some inspiration in you too.  I have come up with so many new ideas.  Don't be afraid to create, you may come up with the next "new thing." 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Furniture that Inspires

This week I had to find furniture that inspires me.  I found two pieces that I thought I'd share with you.  The first piece is a bookshelf, but get's made out of cardboard!  The bookshelf is also a unique shape and could add some pizazz to any room.  Since it is cardboard it is recyclable and it's cheap!  I love the shape of this bookshelf.  Much more interesting than the traditional bookshelf.
The other piece I found is not in production yet, but I thought it would be really cool to have.  It is a chair that has all of our "can't live without" media in the chair!  It has a TV, computer, and spots for all of our gadgets to tuck away in a really modern design.  What person wouldn't like to have this as "their chair?"  I love the shape of this chair and the multi-functionality of it. 

Next week...Magazines that Inspire...

Project Spotlight

I found this project on a blog on the internet.  This staircase was all wood before the start of the project.  The person decided the stairs needed some sprucing up.  Normally, when people carpet stairs they do all of the stairs, rise and run.  This person decided they only wanted to do the rise part of the stairs in carpet.  The result is genius in my opinion.  It adds a lot of interest to the space without being overly done.  The pattern is interesting and makes for a beautiful space without taking away from room.  This idea definitely added to the room and made it personal. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspirational Design

This week I need to share a design for a space that inspires me.  I decided to use Tillman's Roadhouse in Fort Worth as my inspiration.  Our class had the pleasure of going there on a field trip and it was absolutely fabulous.  I have always loved designs on the rustic side, but prefer a modern touch to it.  I have not seen this combination before.  Tillman's combines these two styles perfectly.  There is an outdoor seating area and also an inside seating area for dining and a bar.  The entrance to the restaurant is also part of the design.  The cut log wall that guides you into the restaurant is the divider wall that cuts off the outside seating area from the entrance.  The door handles are shotguns.  Very rustic.
The cut log design continues inside on the bar and also above the bar.  The stools for the bar have a more modern touch.  While the couch near the bar adds an eclectic touch and a pop of color, with peacock blue. 
The chandeliers add elegance while the pine on the walls keeps the rustic feel alive.
 This restaurant has rustic charm, with a touch of elegance.  It is very much my style and my inspiration for this week.  Next week...Furniture That Inspires.