Thursday, October 28, 2010

Residential Inspiration

This week's blog is about residential inspiration.  I have always been intrigued by the magnificent historic homes here in Weatherford.  I took this opportunity to go on the Historic Residential Driving Tour in Weatherford Texas.  A Historic Downtown Walking Tour is also available.  Around Christmas every year they also do a candlelight tour.  This year it is on the second Saturday in December. 

The first house that caught my attention on the tour is the R. W. Kindel Home that was built in 1881.  It is a Texas Historic Landmark.  This house has always caught my attention, but I didn't know the history.  I had always joked about how it would make a great haunted house for a movie.  So, I thought since it was almost Halloween it would be fun to show it here.  Mr. Kindel was a local druggist for 60 years and owned a castor oil business in Weatherford.  It is the same style, Neo-Renaissance, as the courthouse in Weatherford.  It is limestone with a copper roof.  It has square porch columns and 20" thick walls. 
The other house on the tour I would like to showcase is the C. D. Hartnett Home built in 1896.  It is now Angel's Nest Bed and Breakfast Inn.  C. D. Hartnett founded Hartnett Wholesale Grocery Company, still in operation today in Weatherford.  It is a 10,000 square foot mansion with a turret from the first to the third floor, a wrap around porch, and a wine cellar. 
I would love the opportunity to restore a historic home to its original glory someday.  Don't miss out on seeing these historic homes.  I was told that the interiors can be viewed during the candlelight tour in December.  Here is the website for more information Parker County Heritage Society.  Next spotlight.


  1. Beautiful homes. I would love to see the interiors!

  2. the rw kindel home has a cold feeling to me, maybe you are right it would make a good haunted house. However the CD Hartnett Home has a very welcoming feeling. It seems so calm & peaceful, truly embracing its name "Angel's Nest".

  3. I love the look to C.D. Hartnett Home, I can see me making a reading nook in the tower ! I am always drawn to the older houses, I have also taken many walks around historic areas just to bask in the arcitecture. It always amazes me how much more they did back then with so much less tools and technology !