Sunday, January 23, 2011

Internet Inspiration

This week I was searching the internet looking for some new interior design ideas.  I came across a site called  It had a bunch of pictures on it.  One in particular caught my eye.  The Anemon Bistro is not the usual style that I like, but it was very interesting. 

This is a picture of the exterior.  It would definitely catch your eye as you walk by.  It does not have the typical rectangular windows.  It has different sized circles along with very organic shapes that create interest.  I believe this would get people interested and possibly bring in customers. 
This view is from the main entrance as you walk into Anemon Bistro.  It has a futuristic feel to it for me.  The color palette is very limited, white, black, and gray with accents of neon purple.  The organic shapes from the windows are carried through the interior as well. 
This view is of the bar, stairs, and a table and chairs.  The reflective surfaces throughout the interior reflect the purple neon accents throughout the bistro.  The stairs are a unique shape without a closed in riser which allows for a more open feeling and not having the view obstructed as much from one side of the bistro to the other. 
This design is completely out of my comfort zone, but reminds me that I need to keep an open mind and realize that there are so many different directions that design has.  From rustic to futuristic, there is no telling where a project could take me.
Until next week...


  1. wow the outside definitely grabs your attention. it would be hard to see the outside & not be curious as to what the inside looks like. it assuredly gives me a futuristic feel, but i like the color scheme. to me its very appealing to the eye. probably not a place i would be comfortable in but i can see it being a draw to a younger crowd.

  2. Would love to have coffee with you here! Can you imagine the fun we would have? People watching in a place like this would be great...if I could afford the coffee!

  3. It is definitely somewhere I would have to go into if I was nearby ! It is not an opportunity I would pass up ! Although it looks like something that may be geared to higher scale clientele than myself. I love the colors and the elegance. I think people would go in just because of curiosity so it would be very good for business.