Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simply Color

This week I was introduced to a fun restaurant.  The name of it is Zoe's Kitchen.  The architecture of the restaurant is very simple.  They use geometric shapes and lots of bright color.  The ceiling is left open to all of the duct work which gives the restaurant a casual industrial look. 
The colors are very bright and energetic.  Stripes of varying sizes are on the walls.  Oranges, reds, greens, and blues are used to add fun and interest to the restaurant.  Below the stripes shown in the picture above is a spot where local schools can put up their artwork.  Zoe's Kitchen then sells the artwork and the money that is raised is given to the charity of the school's choice.  What a fun way to give back to the community. 

This is one of the lighting fixtures in the restaurant.  Simple repetitive globes hanging from a cylinder but so interesting.  An orange color is on the cylinder to pull some of the color off the walls onto the ceiling.  Use bold energetic colors in your home.  Make it yours.  Do what you like. 
Until next week...


  1. Cute look so I looked up Zoe's Kitchen. Mmmm, sounds as good as it looks. Think I could go for the Spinach Roll Up w/chicken. Mmmm!

  2. the restaurant's effort in giving back to the community makes it an appealing place to try out. the colors look fun but not overwhelming.

  3. I find this interesting as I am hoping on painting my home very soon. I love the bold colors and find it interesting that colors I wouldnt normally put together blend so well. Maybe I wont be so eager to have everything an exact match when I do paint. The lighting fixture is very unique its also bold without being overbearing.