Thursday, March 24, 2011

Focal Point

In every design it is important to have a focal point.  Something that catches your attention immediately in the space.  This week while I was researching for my beach home project I wanted to find some kind of retractable wall for my design and my teacher recommended the NanaWall.  It is a retractable glass wall system that can fold, swing, lift, or slide depending on the version that fits the space the best.
They can be used in just about any building.  Beach homes are a fantastic choice to let the breezes in and have a wonderful view.  Hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and venues are some other buildings that the NanaWall would add a little extra flair to. 
This example is a restaurant that uses the NanaWall to create an open feeling with them closed.  It also can extend the area to join outdoors and indoors for a large event. 
I think the NanaWall is the perfect choice for my design.  What a cool idea to have a wall of windows that can open!


  1. i actually watched a show where they built this beautiful garden & had a wall in the bedroom, that was a wall of plants on the outside but the walls could be opened & swiveled to the side which opened the room to the outside. the people loved it they said on warm nites they could just open the walls & it felt like they were sleeping outside. its a great way to expand a room for sure.

  2. This is a beautiful idea, I can picture it in a honeymoon suite or as you said in a beach house. Great for entertainment value in a dining room or living room or romance value in a bedroom.