Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maximizing Space

This week I received an email that was promoting LEED certified high density storage.  I decided to use this storage for my blog this week.  This is the type of shelves that can store large amounts of files or boxes and you can move the shelves to access different ones.  LEED stands for leadership in energy and environmental design.  These shelves reduce the footprint needed for the company which is why they are certified.
This is one example of shelves that can be moved to hold inventory.  Much more can be held per square foot than with normal shelves that don't move.  The shelves are moved with by hand with a rotary handle. 
This set of shelves is moved automatically with an electronic control box.  These shelves have so many uses.  Offices can keep their files on them, warehouses can keep their inventory stored, libraries can put their books on them, and museums can store their artifacts to name a handful.
What a great way to save space and the environment.  


  1. Really cool. Think I probably have enough books and craft stuff to fill a couple of sections of my own. Wonder if they make them for homes? Cool idea!!

  2. good idea, affords companies the ability to not need such large office spaces.

  3. Ive seen these at doctors offices, never thought of them used elsewhere. Im on the same page...I wonder if they make smaller ones for homes. A smaller version would definitely make more room on a computer desk or get rid of multiple filing cabinets. It looks easier to access too.