Thursday, March 24, 2011

Focal Point

In every design it is important to have a focal point.  Something that catches your attention immediately in the space.  This week while I was researching for my beach home project I wanted to find some kind of retractable wall for my design and my teacher recommended the NanaWall.  It is a retractable glass wall system that can fold, swing, lift, or slide depending on the version that fits the space the best.
They can be used in just about any building.  Beach homes are a fantastic choice to let the breezes in and have a wonderful view.  Hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and venues are some other buildings that the NanaWall would add a little extra flair to. 
This example is a restaurant that uses the NanaWall to create an open feeling with them closed.  It also can extend the area to join outdoors and indoors for a large event. 
I think the NanaWall is the perfect choice for my design.  What a cool idea to have a wall of windows that can open!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maximizing Space

This week I received an email that was promoting LEED certified high density storage.  I decided to use this storage for my blog this week.  This is the type of shelves that can store large amounts of files or boxes and you can move the shelves to access different ones.  LEED stands for leadership in energy and environmental design.  These shelves reduce the footprint needed for the company which is why they are certified.
This is one example of shelves that can be moved to hold inventory.  Much more can be held per square foot than with normal shelves that don't move.  The shelves are moved with by hand with a rotary handle. 
This set of shelves is moved automatically with an electronic control box.  These shelves have so many uses.  Offices can keep their files on them, warehouses can keep their inventory stored, libraries can put their books on them, and museums can store their artifacts to name a handful.
What a great way to save space and the environment.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Vacation Homes

This week I was doing some research for a project.  I am designing a vacation home on the beach.  I remembered some fabulous homes that my family was looking into for our next dream family vacation.  6 adults a teenager and 3 kids in one place is not an easy challenge.  Finding places that appeal to all of the age groups is sometimes difficult.  Tennessee offers some spectacular vacation rental homes in Pigeon Forge, they are not beach homes but definitely give me some cool ideas for my design.  Sugar Maple Cabins have some unique and very luxurious options to please people of all ages. 
Home theaters are becoming a very popular room in a home for those that have the space and can afford it.  This vacation home has 3 rows of very comfy seating to kick back and watch a movie after a fun filled day. 
Having a pool is something that immediately comes to mind for a vacation home to me, but an indoor pool with a hot tub is over the top!  What a way to spoil yourself when you are on vacation!  The tile floor compliments the wood on the ceiling to give a warm tone to the room.  This would be the way I would want to relax.
For those people that LOVE golf...there is even a home that has indoor mini golf!  I think adding the tree in the golf course was the most fun.  This interior with the rocks and tree helps give the illusion of playing golf outside without having to leave the house.  The way the windows are positioned helps complete the illusion with using the outdoors as the art on the walls.  How fun!
There are obviously endless ideas for vacation homes and the sky is the limit.  This project is going to be a lot of fun.