Thursday, November 4, 2010

Career Spotlight

I have chosen to write my blog on a career in historic preservation today.  Historic preservation is a very important career.  So many older buildings have such a deep history that they shouldn't have to die of old age.  Some people renovate and destroy the original splendor of the building.  I would like to have be able to bring back the glory of historic buildings that have become run down.  My grandmother's church just underwent a full interior renovation. 

They didn't change the look of the church.  They gave it a fresh coat of paint.  They repainted the murals on the ceiling.  They refinished the pews.  There was no need to change the church, it just needed to be freshened up.

This is the kind of work I would be proud to do.  Next week...what inspired me this week?


  1. its true sometimes the idea of totally knocking down a building is sad because it takes away such a big part of history. newer isnt always better & a coat of paint can give a fresh new look. i as yu know have been in the church both before & after the renovation & the difference is amazing!i can see where it would be fun & interesting to research an old building & try to bring it back.

  2. I never understand why people build new buildings and knock down the old ones. It is so sad to see the older buildings rotting away and new "cookie cutter" ones being put up instead. Its nice to be able to go back to a place where you were raised and show the next generation why something was important to you and continue to pass that on.