Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Furniture that Inspires

This week I had to find furniture that inspires me.  I found two pieces that I thought I'd share with you.  The first piece is a bookshelf, but get this...it's made out of cardboard!  The bookshelf is also a unique shape and could add some pizazz to any room.  Since it is cardboard it is recyclable and it's cheap!  I love the shape of this bookshelf.  Much more interesting than the traditional bookshelf.
The other piece I found is not in production yet, but I thought it would be really cool to have.  It is a chair that has all of our "can't live without" media in the chair!  It has a TV, computer, and spots for all of our gadgets to tuck away in a really modern design.  What person wouldn't like to have this as "their chair?"  I love the shape of this chair and the multi-functionality of it. 

Next week...Magazines that Inspire...


  1. That book shelf has alot of aesthetic beauty, so does the chair ! The bookshelf is a great new way to incase an age old idea. I am not one for modern pieces in my home but I could definalty see that chair for a dorm room where they need to consolodate space.

  2. I really like the shape of the bookcase.It adds interest to an otherwise boring piece of furniture. The chair not one of my favorite pieces. Its not for me but i could definitely see kids especially teens thinking it was really cool!!