Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspirational Design

This week I need to share a design for a space that inspires me.  I decided to use Tillman's Roadhouse in Fort Worth as my inspiration.  Our class had the pleasure of going there on a field trip and it was absolutely fabulous.  I have always loved designs on the rustic side, but prefer a modern touch to it.  I have not seen this combination before.  Tillman's combines these two styles perfectly.  There is an outdoor seating area and also an inside seating area for dining and a bar.  The entrance to the restaurant is also part of the design.  The cut log wall that guides you into the restaurant is the divider wall that cuts off the outside seating area from the entrance.  The door handles are shotguns.  Very rustic.
The cut log design continues inside on the bar and also above the bar.  The stools for the bar have a more modern touch.  While the couch near the bar adds an eclectic touch and a pop of color, with peacock blue. 
The chandeliers add elegance while the pine on the walls keeps the rustic feel alive.
 This restaurant has rustic charm, with a touch of elegance.  It is very much my style and my inspiration for this week.  Next week...Furniture That Inspires.


  1. That looks like a place you wouldnt mind waiting for a meal because there is so much around to look at and keep your attention. Its always nice with so many chain restaurants to have somewhere you can go that is out of the box.

  2. I like the rustic style very much. It gives me the feel of " come on in and relax". But the chandelier looks out of place to me, I would prefer staying with just the rustic look. But somewhere I would be interested in visiting next visit to Texas.