Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Design I Think could have been Better

This week I was supposed to find a design I think could have been done better and why.  I actually chose an outdoor space for this.  To me I think the surrounding area of a building is just as important as the interior.  At my campus there is a beautiful area with a waterfall.  You can hear the water and it is very peaceful.  The area is surrounded by trees and plants but there is no benches or a picnic table there.  I think that is the perfect spot for a couple of benches to be able to sit and relax between classes, or even sketch. 

This is the waterfall.

This is the planted area directly in front of the waterfall where I think some benches and maybe a picnic table should be.
 This is a view from the waterfall across the planted area, across the parking lot to some benches.  I think that is part of a smoking area, which is fine that they have benches, but I think that a perfect opportunity for a nice quiet place to sit for non smokers was missed here. 


  1. That would be a wonderful spot to sit, almost seems like wasted space without benches. Also think it could be a wonderful opportunity for the design students to take over each semester, after a few years it could be full of talent !

  2. Most assuredly missed out on a perfect opportunity for students to sit & read, work on computers or just take a breather from a busy day. The area needs benches to make use of a nice unused area.