Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What has inspired me this week?

This week I had the pleasure of being able to visit an amazing piece of architecture in Fort Worth.  The Marty Leonard Chapel.  Every aspect of this design was part of the building.  From the walk up to the chapel to the entry, to the garbage cans.  Everything having to do with this chapel was well thought out in the design.

The chapel diamond shaped designs run throughout all aspects of the building.  I wish we could have stayed longer to watch as the sunset changed the way the light played coming through the windows.

The benches outside the chapel on the walkway and the lights along the walkway are all part of the grand design.

 The planters and stools inside the chapel were designed along with the building as well.  To think about every little detail while designing this amazing piece of architecture is just mind blowing.  There was so much planning and thought that went into this design.  I am inspired to think outside the box, and try to think of the big picture when planning my designs after visiting this wonderful chapel.
Next week...a design I think could have been better...


  1. This chapel fills me with awe ! I could see myself getting lost in it just walking around admiring different features. Many times designers think of the building but leave the benches or planters as an extra thought at the end if they have the time or money, having these things built along with the structure adds more to the wow factor for sure!

  2. all the windows in front make the design very welcoming. it must be beautiful when the sun shines through. i love the thought of the benches, to me it says come & rest awhile & enjoy the splendor.