Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Camouflage Televisions

I was at Michael's this week getting a piece of my artwork matted in the custom frame shop.  While I was standing there waiting a small flyer caught my eye.  It was how to use a custom frame to put around your flat screen television.  I have seen this done on the decorating shows on the television before but never really looked into it.  So I decided to do a little research to find out more. 
This frame is one example of a custom frame from Michael's.  I found a website called http://framemytv.com/?.  This site has so many more ideas than just putting a frame around the television to disguise it.  Artwork that moves out of the way when you turn the television on is one example.  Another choice is to have a mirror where the television is when it is off, with this nothing moves, the glass is a special kind of glass that allows the picture to show through with no distortion when the television is on. 
This artwork is one of the choices that is offered on http://framemytv.com/?.  An artist can use their own artwork instead if they can make a digital copy of it.  A family portrait could also be used, for example, with the photographer's written permission.  With the technology of flat screen televisions and this unique way to camouflage them the ugly television no longer has to be the focal point of the room.  The television can be hidden away and a beautiful piece of artwork takes its place until the television turns on. 


  1. Very creative! I like the idea of a painting that disappears when you turn the television on. I wonder if you can have a picture of your choice, did not really look enough to find the answer. I would love a Jim Shore picture framed over the television or even a portrait of my grandbabies. What a novel idea.

  2. what a great idea!!! tvs tend to be distracting & draw one's attention even if they are not on. so when entertaining what a great way to "hide" the tv.

  3. I love this my hubby would have the grandest tv if money allowed, as it is right now we have a 40 inch on the top of our mantle, although it is out of the way not really the focal point I would like to have placed up there. With this idea both of us could be winners and get our way !