Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Aquariums

I came across some cool ideas for aquariums recently, so I thought I would share some.  It just goes to show you that you don't have to have a typical rectangular aquarium in a room, it can be a part of the design. 
This is a bathroom sink that is an aquarium.  This sink would be a fantastic addition to any bathroom, especially one with an underwater theme.  Can you imagine the conversation piece this could become if you put it in a guest bathroom?!  This would go very well in my dolphin themed bathroom!
A perfect match for the aquarium bathroom sink is the aquarium tank on the toilet!  That tank is much nicer looking than a typical porcelain ones we normally see.  This piece would definitely add some interest to a normally invisible item in the bathroom.
This table would be a great idea for a casual seafood restaurant.  Maybe a lower version with some chairs instead of stools and it could be put in a nicer restaurant.  This would be a step away from the typical lobster tank at eye level that is seen at a lot of seafood restaurants now. 
Any piece of furniture can be converted to an aquarium, including an old computer monitor!  This aquarium is becoming very popular.  They call it an imacquarium.  What a cool way to re-purpose something that we would normally throw away.  I will keep these unique aquariums in my arsenal for my clients that request an aquarium to add a little pizazz. 


  1. wow, what really cool ideas!! not to sure about the toilet one but love the look of the sink, really unique. the table is an excellent idea for a finished basement,rec room area.its cool that even a computer monitor can turn into an aquarium but wonder what the cost involved is. most assuredly ideas that would be conversation builders.

  2. I am with your mom on this one for sure...the toliet is a bit errie for me but I love the sink. A table especially a coffee table would be a cool aquarium. Good blog!!

  3. I also love the sink, it is beautiful ! Something I can see many different social classes using. The toliet is kind of disturbing to me, maybe because I have sent many fish to fish heaven through one ! The table is also something that can be very versitile at any home or restraunt. I know I have had many times where I hoped there was something to occupy my children, a table fish tank would make the wait more tollerable for all of us ! I also love the use of old items, I love recycling things that people see no further interest in. More and more people want green in their homes, this is one way to sell it !