Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitchen organization ideas

This week...after the roads cleared up...I headed to Home Depot to check out the kitchen cabinets.  A well organized kitchen is necessary for us to be able to function well and safely while preparing our meals.  I spoke with the person in the kitchen department and asked about any new kitchen organization that was available for cabinets.  She gave me a Thomasville catalog that is strictly devoted to cabinet organization units.  She also said that http://www.rev-a-shelf.com/ is THE place to go to get organization ideas, not just for the kitchen but for closets, bathrooms, anywhere you can think of. 
This Lazy Susan is one example of a way to organize things more efficiently in a cabinet.  This type of shelf swings out to allow easy access to an otherwise hard to get to cabinet.  Notice that the door folds out of the way too.  No more having a cabinet that you can't use because you can't reach into it easily.  Lazy Susans come in different finishes and materials depending on your cabinets. 
This cabinet has a door that pulls out with shelves attached to it.  Shelves like this are much more convenient instead of multiply drawers or doors to look through.  Easy access is available from two sides.  Organization would be much easier with these shelves.  The shelves are as deep as your cabinets and can be custom made to whatever width you choose. 
Pull out shelves in a bottom cabinet allow for easier access.  Instead of having to bend way down to see what is in your cabinet just pull out the shelf.  This idea would also work well in a Universal Design to allow easier access for someone in a wheelchair.  These shelves are as deep as your cabinets.  You can custom order them to the width of your choice.
I thought these small shelves mounted on the inside of a door would be a great idea to replace a spice rack.  Spice racks take up counter space, this way you could save your valuable counter space for some kind of neat kitchen gadget.  These shelves would also be good for small items that tend to disappear in the big cabinet.  These ideas are just a few that Home Depot had on display.  Check out the website I suggested for many more ideas.  Organize your kitchen so you can enjoy creating in it. 


  1. Girl, making me want a kitchen!! When my mom and dad did their kitchen makeover they put sliding floors in the cabinets. Mom just opens a door and slides the floor out so she can get to her pots and pans easily without having to get on the floor to find the pot in back. Love kitchens that are workable. When I do build I want a kitchen cabinet that open up, pops out and swings up for my industrial kitchen aide mixer. That way I can bring it out easily without lifting it and then tuck it away again out of sight. Did I mention I love kitchens?

  2. I like it! I lived in Germany for about nine years and this is similar to the way their kitchens are made. Very convenient, and stylish.

  3. what wonderful easy fixes to kitchen clutter. an organized kitchen is definitely one that you can enjoy being in because it takes away the frustration of looking for utensils and such. its nice that you can order size and finish that best suits your own taste. definitely wouldnt mind having a few of your examples in my kitchen.

  4. I want all of it ! My house is nearly 100 years old and it is not very user friendly. Things were placed more out of necessity than convenience. The lazy susan is something I have been thinking about and am so glad I now have a starting point to go from. The pull out shelf is a great idea, not only in the kitchen but I can see it useful in other areas as well where space may be limited.