Sunday, February 27, 2011

Entryway envy

So...this week I was doing some research on entryways and stairs.  I found some really grand entryways and some very unique stairs.  I did not realize how many different things could be done to stairs to make them more interesting. 
This entryway is a very open and inviting space.  The tile work with the design on the floor adds a nice detial.  Having the arch shaped door and windows that surround it create a nice change from the typical door.  The columns that create a break between the entryway and the dining room are a nice touch instead of a plain wall.  Above, the chandelier casts a warm glow on all who enter. 
These stairs are really neat.  Instead of being so bulky and taking up so much space the floating stairs are open and allow a line of sight right through them.  These also allow for all of the space underneath the stairs to be used.  Normally a closet or maybe a powder room would be all that could fit. 
These tree railings are a natural touch to bring the outdoors in.  They create an organic feel instead of having a chunky railing that doesn't lend much to the decor of the room.  So many options are available.  Look around and see what you can find, or better yet, use your imagination!


  1. Love this post most of all!! I love the look of the floating stairs. Imagine how you could turn that area into a playroom for children, then the floating stairs... Magical!!

  2. to me the stairs are my least favorite. they look almost like an illusion, guess its my age coming out but they dont look very safe to me. the grandeur of the entry is wonderful, if only i had the house to support it. actually like the look of the rail, not to sure of the bottom, root part, but definitely the rail itself.

  3. I am not afraid of hights but I think the stairs would make me feel anxious ! I do however love the tree hand rails, they are beautiful and can be used in an elegant room or an outdoors room. I do love the entry way too, an entry way is something that can take your breath away upon entering it, this one does just that.